Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Get Rich Quick and Make TONS of Money With SEO!

If you’re looking for a way to get rich quick, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is absolutely the way to go. It’s so incredibly EASY to make bucket-loads of cold, hard cash with SEO! All you have to do is follow the checklist below, then sit back and marvel at yourself as you amass riches beyond your WILDEST DREAMS!

1 - No matter what, you absolutely CANNOT care about others; just yourself! You must pretend to care about others, but you must refrain from actually caring about them.

2 - You can ONLY care about money. And yourself. You can only care about money and yourself… but mainly money.

3 - Barely learn the basics of SEO, then start referring to yourself as an “SEO guru.” The people will follow.

4 - Create a Web site, post a bunch of “I rule at SEO” awards and badges that do not link to anything, then get your site ranking for long tail keyword terms like “SEO guru is cooler than a pack of Camels and you will be too” and “SEO guru is really Luke Skywalker’s father because Google says so.” It won’t take you any time at all to rank for them and you can use them to show prospective clients that you can take them to the top of Google because you rank first in Google for not just ONE, but TWO awesome keyword terms! Plus, your one term says you will make them cooler than a pack of Camels. Who could resist throwing money at you to make THAT happen!?

5 - Put into practice ONLY the things that are supposedly outdated and call it a new method: OES (Optimized Engine Stuffs). For instance; tell clients that PageRank is all that matters and that if they see green in that bar, then they’re golden! If they don’t see a green bar, then tell them it’s because they don’t have enough keywords stuffed in their meta tag. This will make you sound all smart and “SEO-y” ‘n stuff. Translation: CHA-CHING!

6 - Convince everyone to ignore folks like Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Matt Cutts, et al because what the heck do THOSE guys know, anyway!? Psh. Nothing, that’s what! You, on the other hand… you’re going to make BANK!

7 - Create a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) that’s comprised solely of rehashed content from Google’s SEO Starter Guide and sell it to unsuspecting victims (refer to point 1 above). Your status as an “SEO guru” automatically gets a +1 for this.

8 - When you build links, just use the following list of excellent link-building comments. Rinse and repeat between that list of 20 and that’s all the work you’ll ever have to really put in.

9 - Last but not least, make sure your clients know that there is no way to track the work you’ve done for them. Tell them that SEO is magic and you’re like David Copperfield… only without your own TV specials, because SEO is just, “way too amazingly-amazing to be seen.” Tell your client that Google called you and told you said client is now officially, “cooler than a pack of Camels.”

BONUS: If all else fails, you have a mega trump card at your disposal. Just tell your clients that for one large fee (something like $2.2 million* should suffice but make sure they know this is an investment into their future!), you will call Google up personally and tell them to make sure your client’s site is indexed in Google and will be ranked first for every term they want to rank for. Clients fall for it every time. Done and done!

Start opening that Swiss bank account, because you’re done! That’s it! If you want to be one of the select few who can say you became a bajillionaire because of SEO, just follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be good to go! You can safely contribute to everything that’s wrong and misunderstood about SEO while reaping the rewards. What could be better!?

Please tune in next time where I show you how to make a KILLING with affiliate marketing! You’ll have great fun and earn GINORMOUS cash by taking advantage of people’s insecurities and using fake bank account screen shots. Acai berry, MOVE OVER! The REAL cure to cancer is the tears of little children! Oops… I’m giving away my HIGHLY lucrative secrets way too soon. *wink, wink*
Stephen Chapman

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a phrase that most small and medium sized businesses don’t use all that often. When thinking about automating your marketing functions, many things come to mind. What functions can I automate? What is the value of marketing automation? What does it cost? Where do I get started?

Having been in marketing leadership roles for over a decade and now running my own successful business, I know the value that marketing automation can bring. At the same time, I understand the challenges and concerns with the concept of automation.

Marketing automation is focused on lead generation with targeted marketing programs to create awareness and interest in a company's products and services. As individuals enter a lead funnel, automation helps to nurture leads throughout the purchase decision process.

Automation of marketing is commonly used in consumer businesses that have long sales cycles as well as by companies selling to other businesses. The great part about automating lead generation and management functions is that you can simultaneously manage multiple marketing threads with little overhead. Said another way, Marketing Automation includes multiple areas of marketing and brings together email marketing technology with a structured sales process, usually through a CRM program.

Effective marketing automation uses tools throughout your lead management process that assist you in identifying, qualifying, and distributing warm leads to your respective sales teams. These tools may include collateral, advertising, customer communications, and so on. When combined properly, leads can be scored and routed appropriately, prioritizing and optimizing your marketing initiatives.

The great news about marketing automation programs are that you can use as little or as much as you need to manage your programs. Plugins for online shopping carts like 1shopping cart, allow you to add a specific feature for affiliate marketing for example. You can also add features to your web sites or blogs such as an auto responder. This can help move prospects through your purchase process automatically.

More sophisticated automation exists as well. I recently read a new e-Guide to marketing automation solution that showcases the power of full automation. This advanced functionality allows users to develop and monitor tightly focused lead generation and nurturing campaigns. Once you know more about your prospects and their needs you can automate the delivery of relevant content within a sequence of messaging.

Not only does the advanced automation more effectively manage the sales cycle, it adds to your level of understanding of prospects, the purchase process for new prospects, and help you discover ways to shorten the sales process. Advanced automation is ideal when working with a large number of customer segments that may behave differently from one another.

Whether you are new to marketing automation or a seasoned veteran, one thing is sure. Automating pieces of the marketing and sales process can generate higher returns, improved market knowledge, and validation of marketing messages, processes, and outcomes.

For access to a free e-Guide on marketing automation,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is Internet Marketing?

The entrepreneur business opportunity of a lifetime has been sitting under your nose since the 1990s. There is no market that compares in size. There are over 1.5 billion people that reside inside of this marketplace which is constantly growing through mobile platforms as well.

The marketplace that I speak of is the Internet. The position that I talk about is an Internet marketer. Marketing has always been one of the most difficult positions for people to take on because it requires that you have some sort of selling ability.

The average person is afraid of rejection and has a pet peeve with failure. It is no surprise that these two emotions are unfavorable for anybody and definitely not something that you want to run to. Internet marketing does require that you sell people products.

It is different than the average salesperson on the street because this gives you the ability to sell your products without having to physically talk to a person. In the next few paragraphs I am going to give you big picture of how Internet marketing works.

Use yourself as an example as you are coming to this article to search for information on how to make money online. I've targeted you with a specific keyword which is entrepreneur business opportunity. You are here to solve a problem and I am here as a way to lead you to the information that will help you solve that problem.

The way that people find information is through keywords or reputable websites that they know. Google is the biggest website on the Internet because they are the best and brightest search engine which helps you find what you're searching for.

So as an Internet marketer the best outcome for you is to appear on the front page of Google for as many keywords related to the problem that you are trying to solve. It is hard to get on Google's first page because there are only 10 people that get there.

So a smart marketer knows that he must be on that first page so he will learn how to get to the first page for free and also pay to get on the first page. Once you get a person to your page it is the beginning of what is called the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnels job is to take you from one piece of content to either a e-mail capture lead page or straight to the sales page to give you a grand presentation on how to solve your problem in full for a fee. The e-mail capture lead page gives you free information that helps you solve partial of your problem, and ultimately leads you to the sales page.

3 Easy Steps To Success!

3 Easy Steps Internet Marketing Promotion Formula involve target, aim and shoot. So let’s discuss the target part of the Internet marketing promotion formula.

Target symbolizes the method that you will go through to select your niche and the sub niche that you will be targeting inside of it. Targeting a broad niche like health, would be insane. You have no chance of ranking for any of the broad keywords associated with health.

Picking that sub niche inside of health would give you more of a chance. A sub niche inside of health would be considered weight loss. Weight loss is still a highly competitive keyword term, so you could go even deeper and pick something like weight loss diets.

The easiest way of targeting a niche which could be profitable is going to Clickbank and looking at all of the Main categories and sub categories to take your pick on whatever intrigues you. Next you will make sure that there are at least a couple of products that have gravity of at least 20 or more, preferably over 50 in gravity.

That lets you know that there is money being consistently made in that niche. You will then take that website and analyze the keywords used for that website. You can also enter in keywords that are obvious for the niche that the website is targeting.

Use a paid tool like Keyword Research Pro to not have to do hours of manual research!

The next part of target is to figure out if you’re going to go to paid or free method of getting traffic. If you notice that there are some extreme high prices in pay per click, you might want to avoid that arena.

If you see some decent prices below a dollar per click, you could do very well there depending on the products commission. The next part of Internet marketing promotion formula is the aim. This is when you do detailed keyword research and select the keywords that have low competition, decent to high traffic combined with weak front page strength.

That would be the aim approach for search engine optimization. The aim approach for pay per click is to target the words that have a commercial value in in place squeeze page as your landing page to collect e-mails.

Once you have your keyword selected for your pay per click campaign or search engine optimization campaign, you’re then going to go to the third part of your Internet marketing promotion formula and shoot.

The shoot part of the formula is to unleash your traffic generation methods whether they are the pay or free methods. To go into all of the traffic methods and detailed analysis of them would be a full course.

The highest recommend a course is underground traffic blueprints.
Jimmy Richardson