Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Easy Steps To Success!

3 Easy Steps Internet Marketing Promotion Formula involve target, aim and shoot. So let’s discuss the target part of the Internet marketing promotion formula.

Target symbolizes the method that you will go through to select your niche and the sub niche that you will be targeting inside of it. Targeting a broad niche like health, would be insane. You have no chance of ranking for any of the broad keywords associated with health.

Picking that sub niche inside of health would give you more of a chance. A sub niche inside of health would be considered weight loss. Weight loss is still a highly competitive keyword term, so you could go even deeper and pick something like weight loss diets.

The easiest way of targeting a niche which could be profitable is going to Clickbank and looking at all of the Main categories and sub categories to take your pick on whatever intrigues you. Next you will make sure that there are at least a couple of products that have gravity of at least 20 or more, preferably over 50 in gravity.

That lets you know that there is money being consistently made in that niche. You will then take that website and analyze the keywords used for that website. You can also enter in keywords that are obvious for the niche that the website is targeting.

Use a paid tool like Keyword Research Pro to not have to do hours of manual research!

The next part of target is to figure out if you’re going to go to paid or free method of getting traffic. If you notice that there are some extreme high prices in pay per click, you might want to avoid that arena.

If you see some decent prices below a dollar per click, you could do very well there depending on the products commission. The next part of Internet marketing promotion formula is the aim. This is when you do detailed keyword research and select the keywords that have low competition, decent to high traffic combined with weak front page strength.

That would be the aim approach for search engine optimization. The aim approach for pay per click is to target the words that have a commercial value in in place squeeze page as your landing page to collect e-mails.

Once you have your keyword selected for your pay per click campaign or search engine optimization campaign, you’re then going to go to the third part of your Internet marketing promotion formula and shoot.

The shoot part of the formula is to unleash your traffic generation methods whether they are the pay or free methods. To go into all of the traffic methods and detailed analysis of them would be a full course.

The highest recommend a course is underground traffic blueprints.
Jimmy Richardson

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