Search Engine Optimization

Search Enging Optimization is commonly reffered to as SEO. SEO is getting seen as high as possible on the major Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you want to become a succesfull internet marketer, then you will have to master SEO. There are a few methods in which you can master SEO, but below is one of my favorite methods!

# 1 Method To Become Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist is to do incredible keyword research.

In order to do incredible keyword research you first must have an incredible keyword research tool.

To best keyword research tools in my opinion are: keyword research Pro and market samurai.

The reason why those two keyword research tools are great is because they have an all-in-one package showing you every pertinent detail you need to know.

Those pertinent details that the average marketer looks past is the difference between marketing being a hobby or a job. to become a Internet marketing search engines specialist right out of the gate, you’re going to need to target low competitive strength keywords with decent search volume.

If you were to try to do this manually, you would have to type each keyword in with quotes around it, and if you doing thousands of keywords this could take forever.

You are going to need to look at thousands of keywords to really find gold mine keywords. Gold mine keywords have these four specific traits. Those are: relevancy, high traffic, commercial ability and low competitive strength.

If you can find keyword after keyword with these traits you can officially start calling yourself an Internet marketing search engine specialist. It is not enough just to find those keywords.

You must then be able to rank and dominate the front page of the search engine that you’re targeting. Building back links is going to be the key to getting search engine position.

The easiest way to get to the front of Google with the keyword holding all four traits is to do article marketing with Ezine Articles. You simply target aim and shoot.

Make sure that you put the keyword in the title, first sentence in the body and the summary of the article. You also want to sprinkle the keyword throughout the body.

Do not attempt become an Internet marketing search engine specialist without a specialized keyword tool

SEO isn't that well known, in the normal world we all walk and run around but it plays a large part of promoting business on the internet. It helps create a presence on the internet and only the internet. SEO (search engine optimization) only really exists in the virtual world, nothing that it does can really affect the outside world.

When the idea of getting business online was happening it was pretty simple and no SEO was really required. As the internet grew it started to get more complex and harder so something had to be done to make it easier to find things one the web. Search engines were created. They helped people find what they were looking for in the sea of web pages and sites. So if someone typed in chairs then it would go very fast and find any site that was linked to chairs. Businesses wanted to be on these engines so it would attract more traffic. This is where SEO comes in. The search engines have web 'bots' that look or search for relevant sites and information. They would then put the websites together and arrange them in order of popularity. Once businesses understood how the engines worked they wanted to make their site 'search engine friendly' so they would be ranked first or high on any one. This is called SEO.

What SEO does it create content and links back to the site you want ranking. What it works on is a phrase or word that someone would type into a search engine. Doing SEO for a site should make them rank high for the chosen phrase. Now if you a business and your online you may find your site is lost in the others so getting SEO would be a great start. Most hire outside SEO companies to do the job but the bigger businesses get the SEO done in-house.

Businesses need to be online and they need to be noticed so I suggest looking into getting some SEO work done. Be warned it won't happen over night but its well worth it.
Matt Mccarten